Welcome to Administria Medical, where we specialise in delivering top-tier administrative services specifically designed for doctors operating within the medico-legal industry. With a deep understanding of the unique demands and complexities that medical professionals face when engaging with legal processes, we are committed to providing a suite of tailored services that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and ease.








Our Services Include: 


Comprehensive Case Management: 


  • Coordination and Organization: We meticulously manage all legal documents related to each case, ensuring that every piece of paperwork is in order, readily accessible, and systematically organized. 


  • Case Tracking: Our advanced tracking systems keep a close watch on the progress of each case, monitoring deadlines and milestones to ensure timely completion and compliance. 


  • Scheduling and Calendar Management: We handle all scheduling needs, from legal appointments to court appearances, ensuring that our clients are well-prepared and punctual. 


Expert Documentation and Reporting: 


  • Report Preparation: We specialize in the preparation and formatting of medico-legal reports, guaranteeing that they meet all legal requirements and standards. 


  • Accuracy Assurance: Each document is thoroughly reviewed for accuracy and completeness, reducing the risk of errors that could impact legal proceedings. 


  • Deposition Assistance: We provide support in the preparation of depositions and expert witness statements, helping doctors articulate their professional opinions clearly and effectively. 


Effective Communication and Liaison Services: 


  • Stakeholder Liaison: Acting as the primary point of contact between doctors, lawyers, and other relevant parties, we ensure that all communications are handled smoothly and professionally. 


  • Prompt Correspondence: We manage all correspondence, promptly addressing inquiries and ensuring that information flows seamlessly among all parties involved. 


  • Streamlined Processes: By facilitating clear and efficient communication, we help streamline the overall legal process, minimizing delays and misunderstandings. 


Accurate Billing and Invoicing: 


  • Billing Management: We oversee all aspects of billing for medico-legal services, ensuring that every charge is accounted for and accurately documented. 


  • Timely Invoicing: Our team ensures that invoices are issued promptly and follow up on payments, maintaining a steady cash flow for our clients. 


  • Payment Tracking: We monitor payments and handle any necessary follow-ups, providing our clients with peace of mind regarding their financial transactions. 


Strict Compliance and Confidentiality: 


  • Legal and Ethical Compliance: Our services adhere to all relevant legal and ethical standards, ensuring that our clients remain compliant with regulatory requirements. 


  • Confidentiality Protocols: We maintain stringent confidentiality and data protection protocols, safeguarding all sensitive information and ensuring our clients' trust. 


Promotion, Marketing, and Additional Revenue:

At Administria Medical, we recognize that you already have a well-established medico-legal practice, and we are confident in our ability to help your business grow further. We offer dedicated sales and marketing support, promoting your services to attract more work. Our digital marketing strategies include leveraging LinkedIn, Twitter, and targeted promotional emails to our extensive network of solicitors and medico-legal agencies.

We aim to expand your reach by increasing the number of venues and broadening the geographic areas where you operate, meeting key criteria for instructing parties. Additionally, we can assist you in gradually increasing your fee base by negotiating different terms and conditions with various clients, thus maximizing revenue from each report and other fee-based services.






At Administria Medical, our mission is to alleviate the administrative burdens faced by doctors in the medico-legal field, allowing them to concentrate on their primary medical responsibilities. Our dedicated support team handles the intricacies of medico-legal engagements with precision and care, ensuring that every detail is meticulously managed. By partnering with us, medical professionals can confidently navigate the legal landscape, knowing they have a reliable and expert team behind them.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, reliability, and commitment to excellence. Our tailored services not only enhance operational efficiency but also provide the reassurance that every aspect of the medico-legal process is in expert hands. Trust Administria Medical to be your partner in administrative excellence, enabling you to focus on what you do best – providing exceptional medical care.

Contact us today to discuss how we can support you. Call 01772 288307 or fill out our contact form to get started.








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